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Bernanke signals more rate cuts unlikely
Tuesday June 3, 10:11 am ET
By Jeannine Aversa, AP Economics Writer
Bernanke signals rates probably will hold steady as Fed copes with risks to inflation

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke signaled Tuesday that further interest rate cuts are unlikely because of concerns about inflation. High oil prices are a double-edged sword that can both put a damper on already weak growth and spread inflation, he said.

Bernanke, in remarks delivered via satellite to an international monetary conference in Spain, said that the Feds powerful doses of rate reductions that started last September along with the governments $168 billion stimulus package, including rebates for people and tax breaks for businesses, should bring about somewhat better economic conditions in the second half of this year.

To help brace the economy, the Fed in late April dropped its key rate to 2 percent, a nearly four-year low, but hinted that could be the last reduction for a while. Bernanke drove that point home again on Tuesday.

For now policy seems well positioned to promote moderate growth and price stability over time, he said.

The Feds juggling act has gotten harder. It is trying to right a wobbly economy without aggravating inflation.

Many economists believe the Fed will hold rates steady at its next meeting on June 24-25 and probably through much, if not all, of this year. A few believe that inflation could flare up and force the Fed to begin boosting rates near the end of this year.

Bernanke, however, suggested that leaving rates at their current levels should be sufficient to accomplish the Feds twin goals of nurturing economic growth while preventing inflation from taking off.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrials were up around 40 points in morning trading.

Economic growth in the current quarter, he acknowledged, is likely to be relatively weak. Even as he reiterated the Feds hope for a pickup in growth in the second half of this year and into 2009, Bernanke said the economy continues to battle against a trio of negative forces -- a housing slump, credit problems and fragile financial markets.

Until the slumping housing market and falling home prices show clearer signs of stabilization, there will continue to be threats to the economic growth getting back to full throttle, he said. Moreover, recent increases in oil prices pose additional downside risks to growth, he said.

At the same time, if already lofty oil prices, now hovering past $127 a barrel, continue to rise, that could worsen inflation, Bernanke warned.

The Feds aggressive rate-cutting campaign has contributed to a lower value of the U.S. dollar. That, in turn, has helped to push up the prices for imported goods flowing into the United States and fueled a rise in consumer prices. Bernanke called that development unwelcome. He said the Fed is attentive to the implications of changes in the value of the dollar for inflation and inflation expectations.

Inflation has remained high, he said. The possibility that commodity prices will continue to rise is an important risk to the inflation forecast, he said.

If consumers, investors and businesses believe inflation will continue to go up, they will change their behavior in ways that aggravate inflation, turning it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Were consumer prices to keep climbing over a sustained period, that might lead the public to expect higher long-term inflation rates, an expectation that could ultimately become self-confirming, Bernanke said.

The economy grew at a weak 0.9 percent pace in the first three months of this year, slightly better than the prior quarter, but still considered subpar. The sluggishness comes as employers have cut jobs and consumers -- clobbered by housing and credit troubles -- are watching their spending much more closely.

Consumer spending has thus far held up a bit better than expected, but households continue to face significant headwinds, including falling house prices, a softer job market, tighter credit and higher energy prices, Bernanke said. Consumer spending is a major shaper of overall economic activity.

Businesses, too, are facing challenges, including rapidly escalating costs of raw materials and weaker demand from U.S. consumers, Bernanke said.

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Bernanke 信号更多比率削减不太可能
星期二六月 3 日, 东部时间早上 10:11
Jeannine Aversa 的  , 美联社经济学作家
Bernanke 信号率或许意志维持当联邦理事会之时应付危险对通货膨胀

华盛顿 (美联社)-- 美国联准会主席班 Bernanke 向星期二发送讯号进一步的利率削减不太可能因为担心有关通货膨胀的事。高油价是将双刃的刀剑装于罐头的两者的放一个爱挑毛病的人在已经弱的生长上和传布通货膨胀, 他说。

Bernanke, 在评论递送经由人造宇宙站对西班牙的一个国际的货币会议, 说联邦理事会有力的剂量比率减少哪一开始去年九月向前与政府的 $ 一千六百八十亿元的刺激包裹, 包括折扣为人和税休息为商店,应该导致 略微比较好的经济情况 在后半段中今年。

对帮忙的  支柱经济, 联邦理事会在四月下旬内降低它的主要比率至 2%, 一将近四年以来最低点, 但是暗示哪一可能是最后减少一阵子。 Bernanke 开车点家再在星期二之上。

为现在政策似乎得好放置了促进温和主义者生长和价格安定随着时间的过去 , 他说。

联邦理事会正在变戏法行为的  有得到难的。 它正在对没有使更恶化的通货膨胀的权利摆动的经济尝试。

多数经济学者相信联邦理事会将会支撑比率定态在它的下一个会议在六月 24-25 日和或许完成的很多, 如果不所有的, 今年。一些相信通货膨胀可以闪光在和上面力量对提高的开始的联邦理事会率靠近那结束今年。

Bernanke ,然而,建议离开比率在他们的现在水平应该充份完成联邦理事会双胞胎发展经济成长的目标当阻止通货膨胀起飞的时候。

在华尔街上的  , 道琼指数钟斯工业股是向上的在早晨贸易中的 40 点的周围。

经济成长在现在的四分之一内, 他公认的, 是 有可能的是相对地弱的 . 正当他反复地说联邦理事会期待一现成的在生长方面在后半段中今年和进入 2009之内, 说经济的 Bernanke 继续搏斗反对三重的否定强迫 -- 一个住屋暴跌, 信用问题和易碎的财务市场。

直到猛然掉落房市和落下家价格表演 更清楚的告示安定 , 在那里意志继续是对回到的经济成长的威胁全部节流阀, 他说。 而且, 油价姿势的最近增加 对生长的另外缺点危险 ,他说。

同时的  , 如果已经高的油价, 现在盘旋过去 $127 一桶, 继续到上升, 那可以使更坏通货膨胀, Bernanke 警告。

联邦理事会攻击性的切断比率的活动有有助于到一低的价值美元。 那,依次,有帮助强行上升那价格为输入货物流动的进入美国之内和加燃料一上升在消费者中价格。 Bernanke 认为那发展 不受欢迎的 。 他说联邦理事会是 注意的对含意改变在那元评价因为通货膨胀和通货膨胀期待 .

通货膨胀有保持了高度 , 他说。 那可能性哪一日用品价格将会继续对上升是一重要的危险对通货膨胀预测 , 他说。

如果消费者、投资者和商店相信通货膨胀将会继续上升 , 他们意志变化他们的行为在使通货膨胀恶化的方法中, 将它变成一自我实现的预言。

是消费者价格保存攀登在一之上维持时期, 力气 领引那民众期待比较高的长期通货膨胀率 , 期待哪一可以最后变成自我确定的 , Bernanke 说。

经济在弱的 0.9% 成长速度在最初三个月内今年, 些微地比较好的超过那更重要的四分之一, 但是仍然考虑过的次标准。 偷懒被提出当雇主有削减工作和消费者 -- 痛打被住屋和信用麻烦 -- 正在更加接近地看他们的开支。

消费性开支有迄今拿着在比较好些上面超过预期的 , 但是家庭继续到脸重要的逆风 , 包括落下房屋价格 , 软的工作市场 , 紧的信用和较高的能源价格 , Bernanke 说。 消费性开支是一个全部经济的活动主要的牛头刨床。

商店, 也,正在面对挑战,快速地包括扩大原料花费和弱的要求从美国消费者, Bernanke 说。

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新浪财经讯 北京时间6月3日消息,美联储主席伯南克(Ben S. Bernanke)称,利率政策已经为促进经济增长和稳定物价做了“良好准备”,且美联储委员正留意美元汇率下跌的影响。


伯南克是通过卫星向国际货币会议(International Monetary Conference)发表上述言论的。他正在与欧洲央行行长特里谢(Jean-Claude Trichet)、日本央行行长白川方明(Masaaki Shirakawa)和西班牙央行行长奥德内斯(Miguel Fernandez Ordonez)进行小组讨论。






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